Renewal, Community, Inspiration

We plan and build residential complexes that offer the optimal combination of public spaces for lively community gatherings, and intimate family lifestyle, in well-designed and spacious apartments and the most desirable locations in Tel Aviv. We have reached the best neighborhoods in the city, and created residences that allow you to enjoy the best Tel Aviv has to offer.


We, The City People, believe in the power of a healthy and vibrant community to produce a high quality of life and wellbeing for its members. When you live in a place which is a microcosm of Tel Aviv, special connections, love stories and collaborations are formed as only this city can create. Our buildings are constructed in a way that naturally inspires and encourages the formation of a community life, thanks to pleasant gardens and landscaping, and smart functional shared areas. We lay the infrastructures that create a community, now it's up to you to make it thrive.

Tel Aviv art events Inspired by The City People

In today's Tel Aviv, things change from one moment to the next, naturally evolving. We stretch boundaries, create surprising connections between old and new, between architecture and art, between the building’s interior and the exterior. The events we hold are dedicated to relevant contemporary art, supports and promotes young artists, and at the same time preserves the city's environment and sustainability. Inspiration for a meaningful and deep connection between yesterday and tomorrow.

How do we do it? Before demolishing a building, we turn it into a pop-up museum. This sort of platforms creates inspiration, encourages modern, young art, and offers exposure for Israeli artists. We invite the community to enjoy the building and the innovative art before it's taken down. The "museum" stands open for several days, temporary, one moment it is there and the next moment it's not, part of our Tel Aviv vibe.