The City People
Nice to Meet You

אנחנו אנשי העיר, יזמים תל אביבים שבונים את העיר וחיים אותה מאז שנת 2007. לנו ולכם, יש משהו משותף – אהבה ענקית לעיר המדהימה הזו -תל אביב- יפו. אהבה שהיא הרבה מעבר לעסקה טובה, השקעה משתלמת או תשואה. אהבה שהיא הדלק באמצעותו אנחנו לא רק בונים בנייני בוטיק שמשביחים את העיר, אלא ממש מתכננים את החיים שלכם, כחלק מהקהילה שלנו, בעיר של קהילות מגוונות.

אנו רואים את תל אביב- יפו כעיר מאפשרת, מכילה ומתאימה לאנשים מכל רקע. עיר המתפתחת יד ביד עם החברה האנושית המאכלסת אותה. עיר המקדשת את חופש הביטוי כיסוד מרכזי של חברה דמוקרטית. עיר פלורליסטית עם מגוון סגנונות חיים, מודלים שונים של זוגיות ומודלים מגוונים של משפחות. עיר שוקקת חיים של תרבות, לייפסטייל, קהילה ומשפחה, שמחוברים לכל מה שמופלא בעיר הזו, והופך אותה למקום שכל כך כיף לחיות בו.

The City People is a subsidiary of the Rothstein Real Estate Group, a company with over 60 years of experience in residential construction, launching and completing dozens of residential projects throughout the country. As they say - we come from a good family.

We are The City People

Ron Chen

Owner, CEO
Gilia Breger Kolitz
VP Operations, Deputy to CEO

ליאת ויסבורד ראובני

סמנכ"לית שיווק ומכירות

Yarden Aharoni

סמנכ"לית, יועצת משפטית ומזכירת חברה

Morr Warszawski Yaniv

VP Finance

Amit Goldstein

VP Engineering

Tal Haitman

HR Manager

Eyal Harari

סמנכ"ל תכנון

Rotem Vinter

סמנכ"ל פיתוח עסקי

Partners of Our Way

The City People are you and us. We believe in long-term relationships, and by choosing us to accompany you along the way, you have selected fully committed partners. Partners for the construction phase and for the good life you'll enjoy afterwards.

Partners in the construction phase

  • Daily support in the urban renewal process through contracts, planning, clearance, permits, construction and up to the day we hand over the key to your home.
  • A personal area in a dedicated app for daily contact management and follow-up throughout the entire period.
  • Community relations manager, available at your service 24/7.

Life Partners in Tel Aviv

After you have received the apartment, we become your life partners in Tel Aviv.
What does that mean?

  • Perks from nearby businesses, exclusive "community only" events, activities, and updates on everything happening in the city.
  • A personal area in a customized app for daily contact management and follow-up throughout the entire period.
  • Community relations manager, available at your service 24/7.

It's important to us that you feel safe

We are proud to drive the city forward, with over 60 projects in over a decade. The City People is one of the first companies in Israel to complete and hand over apartments of urban renewal (TAMA 38/1 and TAMA 38/2) projects, and the first to implement a "Relocate-Renovate" project in District 4 in Tel Aviv. The City People is regularly recognized as one of the five leading companies in Tel Aviv in the urban renewal field, according to objective and independent tests and measures.

The residents love us:
The transparency standard stated: "The company has the highest rating among apartment owners in Tel Aviv."

The indices love us:
The City People is regularly awarded as one of the 5 leading companies in Tel Aviv in the field of urban renewal, according to objective and independent tests and measures.

The Rothstein Group

Since it was established 60 years ago, the company has left its mark on the private and public construction sectors throughout the country. Its outstanding characteristics in meticulous attention to engineering management and uncompromising quality. The Rothstein Group is a public company engaged in developing and carrying out large residential projects throughout Israel.

The Rothstein Group is founded on a solid capital base that enables it to be an advanced and groundbreaking entrepreneur, while the management carefully maintains the company's financial strength. In November 1993, as a step to expand the company's capital base, the D. Rothstein Company went public, and its shares have since been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Its managers, by virtue of their responsibility, ensured that all capital raised was directed to investments in the real estate and to the construction industry.